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The benefits of team-building events of Brain Game:


The correspondence we have with corporate clients of Brain Game shows clearly that after the team building events the corporate environment improved and we have been characteristically told, “Everything is climate.” Moreover, the percentage achievement of objectives and productivity were improved. The reaction speed and the reflexes of personnel have greatly increased. Through games in Brain Game escape rooms, the relations of many corporate clients were improved. Improved were the communication of time, understanding of information, discrimination and the spread of responsibilities.


What are team-building events of Brain Game?


Many companies choose the rooms of Brain Game in order to strengthen staff relations, teamwork and clarification of roles. A regular practice of big companies abroad is now an option in Greece. During the game, colleagues should use their spiritual and observational abilities in order to gather and properly use all the information they discover. And all this, under the pressure of time they have to manage the best possible.


Frequent questions:


How can we organize a team-building event?
To organize a team building event you should fill in the corresponding form, which you will find below. After filling this form, we will contact you for booking confirmation and for further details.

The schedule of our work is not convenient in order to organize a team-building event according to your room reservation hours. Could you please, help us?

If your work schedule does not match our room booking hours, there is no problem. After consultation between us we can organize a team-building event tailored to the needs of your time and apart from the working hours of our rooms.


Who can participate in team-building events?
All employees and executives of companies as well as school/tutorial pupils can participate in team-building events. It is also suitable for athletic groups and club members. There is also a special provision so that people with special needs can participate.


Can we sit in a nearby café or a restaurant after a team-building event?
We collaborate with local cafes and restaurants and we have also arranged preferential prices for participants in team-building events of Brain Game.


Is it possible to have a written evaluation of team-building event?
Certainly. It is possible to have a written evaluation of the team-building event. Throughout the course of the game, psychologists specialized in team building monitor the teams and draw up a detailed report after the event. Moreover, they talk with groups and analyze the way that each team played and what they could have done better.


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